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Hi. I’m Stuart!

This is the part of the website where I tell you how great I am and why you should absolutely work with me and my team. So here goes… 

My marketing career has been a blessed one. I’ve had the privilege of coaching brilliant seven and eight-figure entrepreneurs, and I’ve had the pleasure of working as one of the top marketing managers at a very successful social media marketing agency, managing millions of dollars in ad budget for clients across many industries. 

I decided to become a coach because I wanted to be more hands-on with the business owners and entrepreneurs I work with, applying my knowledge and experience in the marketing field to help them properly design their marketing strategy, end-to-end.

I take great satisfaction in helping new and well-established businesses understand their market and use the right tools and techniques to connect with their audience and grow.

Outside of the business realm, I am a loving husband and father of two adorable girls, a professional musician, and according to most people who know me, a pretty nice and friendly guy.

But don’t take my word for it… 

What my clients say about me….
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I had the pleasure and the privilege of doing a one-on-one consulting session with Stuart and it was next level!

I’m often in the position where I’m giving knowledge to my clients that changes the core of their business, and for me, I was in this place where I needed to promote but I couldn’t figure out HOW to do it.

Not the mechanics of the services, but what could I put out that would drive a volume of individuals to my business at scale, and it was MIND-BLOWING.

I’m so appreciative to have someone who can think through the whole process and the whole picture, and give something that you can execute simply.

-Aaron Dunham
Digital Agency Owner
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“I want to give a shout out to Stuart Best. He has done a fantastic job for me on my Facebook. He’s really helped me to grow my brand. We had a few videos actually hit over a million views because of his expert advice and help on how we went about it.

He’s very, very, high value and I just really like him. He’s a very likable person to work with and I think that is so important when you go into business, that you work with someone that you feel you can communicate with, connect with, and you like.

So, I just wanted to highly recommend him to everyone who is trying to grow their business, and marketing and Facebook. “

– Zoe Abbott
Financial Consultant

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My name is Charly.  I am an English coach  and pronunciation coach for Spanish-speaking people.  I’ve been doing this for 12 years  and about a year ago, I started looking at the possibility of creating an online course and reaching more people in Spain and Latin America,  and I was having trouble creating the offer, really finding out how to transfer my method to an online course  and I had the privilege to work with Stuart.

We sat down many times.  We looked at the offer, what I wanted to include in the method,  how to sell it ,how to create an automated webinar,  masterclass, which would get me students every single week.  …And  what I’m very grateful for is that he really pushed me on creating  a high ticket offer.

And I’m very glad I followed his advice  because now after like six weeks  we reached six figures.  And it looks like we can completely reach seven figures this year.  My team has expanded drastically from three people here in Madrid, in Spain,  to a group of 20 people.
– Charly Londono
English Coach
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